Tuesday Morning Focal Point
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Hey Leaders – Step up and Lead
November 28, 2017
Category: Leadership

Emerging leaders often express a common frustration to me. They notice that as they get closer to the top of an organization fewer opportunities exist. Moreover, depending on how they handle that frustration, they may move into a state of whining. These future chiefs start complaining about not being given opportunities. They grumble about not…

Tuesday Morning Focal Point – October 11, 2016 – Yanking the Starting Pitcher
October 11, 2016

I happen to be one of those baseball fans that is really only interested during the post season – and I guess in some ways that would raise the question as to whether or not I truly am a ball fan.  In any case, I’ve enjoyed watching some great Major League playoff action over the…

Tuesday Morning Focal Point – September 27, 2016 – Breaking the Barrier
September 27, 2016

Late last week I was with an executive who is running a vibrant and growing family business.  As we were in conversation, I paused to reflect to and with him regarding the change and the difference I see in him and how he talks about the business compared with when we first began our business…

Tuesday Morning Focal Point – May 3, 2016 – Achieving That Elusive Freedom
May 4, 2016

Last week my post was about the issue of time, and I suggested that we all have enough time to do whatever we choose, as time is not a resource, it is a priority.  Yet, clearly not everyone experiences it that way, and I sometimes get questions from clients regarding how they can get better…

Tuesday Morning Focal Point – March 15, 2016 – Weather the Storms
March 15, 2016
Category: Crisis, Leadership

Last week on the west coast of British Columbia, we had a major wind and rain storm, which took out power to a couple hundred thousand residents. It was a great opportunity for individuals and families to reflect on how well prepared they are to weather a storm.  Given that my family lives on acreage…